I wanted to add this page for anybody about to embark on the rollercoaster that is CTC’s Cadet selection process.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to get as much info as possible from the web on the different stages, mainly from pprune, but hope this is a fairly good resume:


This is simply the application form from the website that asks you to complete about 12 different pages, ranging from criminal convictions to education and from general fitness to work experience.  You need to have 2 referees in mind to put down.

Once the application has been processed (which doesn’t have to be the same day (hell, time between starting appy to stage 2 for me was 6 months)) you will receive a document to print.  This has four questions that you need to hand-answer and fax to CTC.  These pertain to your motivation, interest in aviation and potential determination to complete the course and be a happy airline pilot.


You have a choice of dates for your stage 2 selection day.  On the day (really half day as two lots visit the training centre on the day) you are introduced to the company and given a presentation about the structure financing and arrangements of the whole training process.

 Then (after a coffee and sit-down) you make your way to a room that only haunts me now with about 16 computers scaling the walls.  First up, maths test, which covers basic arithmetic with decimals, fractions, convertion rates etc… The format is 15 questions in 15 minutes so pace yourself and don’t panic if you feel you may have cocked a question up.

Then you are seated at a computer and must ‘take part’ in 7 different aptitude tests that basically test your spatial awareness, memory, reactions times, ability to learn and multi-tasking skills.

 A response is normally the same day, mine being at some point in the evening (after many hours down the pub!)


Stage 3 was for me the biggy, yet the one I was most confident about.  I was ill (although didn’t let on) and was at the training centre for almost 12 hours.

First up, it’s a case of meeting the other guys and gals, only one recognisable face in the 8 that were at my stage 3! You get to choose a sandwich for lunch, then it’s off to group exercise number 1, which changes a lot, but mine was the Scottish Island Scenario.  The group have to discuss and decide which items are most important from a list, and likewise with prioritising actions to take.

Break. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

Group exercise 2.  Build something (but not something boring or predictable).!!  It’s done with the contents of a big box that I believe are connectx or something like that (kids toys, like a safer form of mechano).  We build a space tractor/helicopter that distributed fertiliser!! Use your imagination, but work as a team!

Then the big, bad interview.  If I’m completely honest: (1) I cannot help anynbody to prepare for this section in particular and (2) if you are really into planes, aviation, know about how planes fly etc.. due to your interest and really want to be a pilot, you will have no problem.  You have to show determination, enthusiasm, ambition, passion and belief which I thing are my strong traits.  (Did I mention humility).

 Response was next day via e-mail.


This stage was great fun, yet still nerve-racking as you know you are so close, yet still not on the course.  It has changed since my phase 4 due to the simulator’s relocation, but I had my simulator assessment on the King Air with a Thompson Training Captain, where basic manoeuvres, a landing and a full circuit were the order of the day. 

Got a phone call from Daphne that afternoon saying well done!!!


23 Responses to “Selection process for CTC Wings Cadet scheme”

  1. Dan Says:

    Your good en ya, i dont care

  2. Stace Says:

    this is good en it! got a little comment box going. “wikid. bo selecta” haha. nice..very nice

  3. charlotte Says:

    Ive got selection on wed and keep looking for things to help me. Thanks for your little report on the selection not sure if it has helped or made me worry even more. but thanx neway x

  4. Simon Says:

    Women should not be in charge of aircraft, leave it up to the men. Stay in the kitchen

  5. James Says:

    Simon your a tw*t, and one day you will realise that.

  6. Mark Says:

    how much of a geek do you need to be to get through selection?
    how much would you say the whole thing costs a month, to yourself while going through training?

  7. AJ Says:

    hey i was just wondering, how long did it take for them to get back to you, starting from the day you submitted your application? so that you get invited to phase 2

    -thanks for reading

  8. Sam Says:

    Hi, I’m really intreased in applying for ctc wings. Do you no like wat kind of questions in the maths test,also is there an pyhics test?did alot of people get in an did you think it was hard ? Also wat questions did they ask you in the interview ?

  9. irina Says:


    it is a scam !! i paid and never had access to any exams or tests.
    the website seems to be 20 years old and nothing works…they don’t even mention the nama and adress of the company to complain…

  10. Jonas Says:

    Irina I used them and was very satisfy. I got all the exams and questions.


    Good luck

  11. Irina Says:

    Jonas do you work for http://latestpilotjobs.com ?

    I have sent a mail to ctc and to the company that designed the PILAPT. I hope they will react quickly

  12. Tom Berry Says:

    hiiii i just about to send my application hope everything goes well although i have been revising for the maths and physics im so scarde that i will fail.

  13. Wagner Says:

    Hi, how long is the time since the moment when we apply till the mail with the selections dates from CTC wings ?

  14. Ronald payne Says:

    Was this for airline sponsored training or one of money robbing schemes?

  15. Azam Says:

    may i know where about is the training centre
    I mean where will phase 2 be held

  16. How many days it takes to join ground classes after selection

  17. M Wood Says:

    Thanks for the info, our son wants to pursue CTC Wings and this was very informative. Would it be ok to contact at a later date, if we require anymore information?

  18. Thomas Says:

    Quite funny… lots of haters because I’m sure they got rejected, only 3-4% of people who apply get through. I’m entering Stage 2 hopefully I do well 🙂 Good luck everyone 🙂

  19. Keelan Says:

    Is that what they told you Thomas 🙂

  20. […] After that we spoke to some cadets about the selection process, what it involves and any tips they could give. Most said it’s useful to have experience using a joystick as it’s used for the aptitude tests. They also advised me to brush up on my mental maths skills and, of course, get a good night sleep beforehand! I have a link here to a cadets blog who outlines the different parts of the selection day here: https://pilotrob.wordpress.com/selection-process-for-ctc-wings-cadet-scheme/ […]

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